Respected Members,

Happy New Financial Year!!! Wishing you that this new year is prosperous and healthy. If we are to be prosperous and wealthy – Health is one of the prime factors that we need to take care of. Especially we professionals do need to make our Health as our priority since these changing times do build up stress and pressure on us.

  • 22nd April was adopted by UN as International Mother Earth Day and the theme for 2019 is ‘Protecting our Species and raising awareness of accelerating rate of extinction’. To my mind, plastic items are often ill-used and may perhaps be a major trouble maker in the years to come. As a part of Green initiative we had earlier shifted from printed newsletter to e-newsletter. One such initiative this year we have taken up is to stop the printing of program banner that is displayed on the dias which states the details of the session/ seminar in progress. Let me acknowledge that this particular suggestion of using e-display instead of printed banner was made by CA Huzefa Ginwala and I’m personally grateful for it. Please be assured that your all suggestions and ideas shall be definitely considered. I request and invite your suggestions on the steps/initiatives that can be taken up as a part of Green initiative.

  • Study groups are one of the important tools to carry out research and build up resources. Currently two study groups are actively engaged in the branch under the leadership of Ca C V Chitale, CCM. Two more study groups shall be commenced in near future.

  • During the month we have launched a program titled ‘New Speakers Forum – Mind Meet’. This program invites members who wish to share their approach/ research/ study on any subject of professional interest. It shall provide a platform to new speakers for their presentations which shall ultimately go on to build a resource base.

  • As fraternity building initiative, we shall soon be announcing the details of One Act Drama Competition (Non-CPE self-sufficient event).

In April 2019 one of the innovative ideas was implemented at Australia by Alphabet (Google) in fact a ‘World-first’ – Delivery of goods such as food, coffee and even medicines was carried out by Drones under ‘Project Wing’. The point being the ‘application’ of ‘the machine’. I feel we need to similarly try to ‘apply’ the ‘machines’ for optimum utilization of our time. Let us develop various ‘applications’ for our use- which shall make our already complicated work (audit and taxation) simpler and easier with new innovations and new techniques. It would also go on to make all of us stress free- healthy and of course wealthy!!

Exploration is the engine that drives Innovation. Innovation drives Economic growth” – Edith Widder

Many best wishes and regards,

CA. Ruta Chitale