Respected Members,

Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day!!!!

Recently we celebrated our great Nation’s Independence Day. This was the day that gave us freedom of thought, action, faith and speech. Similarly our alma-mater, ICAI is doing its level best to free us from the glitches of manual intervention in our dealings with our institute and make the entire systems and processes efficient and effective in the form of Self Service portal (SSP). Alas… there have been lot of issues like migration of data, up-dating of data and such other problems. This has severely affected the members and students alike. As such the confidence in the system needs to be restored on a war footing!

Let me assure all the members and students that we at the branch including the ex-officio managing committee members have taken serious note of this matter and have set up a response mechanism at the branch. This response mechanism consists of four of our Pune branch staff and a designated special officer by the Central body. They have been sorting queries received by them over last 2 months. Soon they shall also be undergoing a special training in order that the response to members/ students queries is quicker. We all are working towards making SSP smoother and easier for all. But sometimes something’s require ‘time’. Time to sort queries and have a channelized problem resolution mechanism. You all have shown patience with the new system and I personally implore you for some more!

We shall be hosting a national conference on GST organized by the GST and Indirect Taxes Committee, ICAI on 5th and 6th October 2019. Already the registrations are touching 400 delegates. I appeal to all the members that- this is your programme and we at the Pune branch would be delighted to have as many helping hands as possible. If you are interested please do join the coordinating team.

Do not forget to share your ideas, views and thoughts on any and every matter related to the branch. Assuring you that we shall definitely take cognizance of each and every email, message and verbal communication.

CA. Ruta Chitale