Respected Members,

Your branch has won two prestigious awards each at National Level and at Regional Level:

Best Branch – First Prize – Mega Category 2019-20- National Level

Best Branch – First Prize – Mega Category 2019-20- WIRC

WICASA Best Branch – First Prize – Mega Category 2019-20- National Level

WICASA Best Branch – First Prize – Mega Category 2019-20- WIRC

There is a award criteria with various issues such as topics of seminars, new faculty introduced, programs for students, number of career counseling sessions, post qualifications courses held etc. and many more are covered under them. This criteria is different at both the levels. Moreover this year a Negative marking was introduced which made the fulfillment of this criteria even difficult.

The main rationale, as I understood of these entire award criteria and the awards is to encourage the engagement between the branch and members-students. To underline this fact that the branch has to organize various activities and seminar, but it all became meaningful due to the support and attendance by the members/students for these activities as well as seminars. We, Pune branch managing committee including the ex-officio members are indeed very grateful to the staff for helping us in organizing various programs and also by taking care of various administrative matters.

The coaching class activity is being conducted since long. During this month we have succeeded in enhancing this activity further and commencing foundation course classes at Prestige Point- a more student centric location. As compared to other classes, we believe that the fees charged by us are lower with no compromise on quality of teaching. We are also planning to develop soft-skill centre at that premise. I hope you all shall definitely help us by your inputs.

We are trying to change the format of this newsletter and try to make it more accessible rather than PPT. Hope fully we shall be able to complete this task soon.

As I write this communiqué, I have now handed over my charge as chairman of your branch to the newly elected chairman and his colleagues in the committee of the branch for 2020-2021. I’m sure that they would continue to resolve the issues of members and students with priority, would set up better administrative systems and organize some fantastic innovative programs.

I definitely enjoyed writing this communiqué every month and connecting to you all through this newsletter. All things do have to come to an end, but I have always take heart whenever I read this quote: You only grow by coming to the end of something and by beginning something else.” 

Awaiting your email at my personal email ID and /or message me at my personal mobile number (#8390610136).

Do keep in touch!!!

CA. Ruta Chitale