Respected Members,

I’m feeling very proud to share that your branch was successful in coordinating a mega event for students. More than 2,500 students participated in the International Students Conference. The cultural event provided a showcase for students talent and the paper presentations from the students were a class in itself. We could feel the enthusiasm and the brilliance displayed by students. Really they are the future of our profession and it is definitively bright. The students also congregated to form a human chain in the shape of CA logo. This human chain was much appreciated and was useful to create awareness about CA as a profession in public at large.

We also had a spate of seminars and sessions on various topics ranging from Internal Audit 2.0 to Excel. The focus of the profession, I feel, is increasingly undergoing a fast pace of change from the traditional to the digital. We all need to update and ready ourselves for this changing scene. Various programs are being conducted to help the members for such updates. We are also in the process of getting approvals for various post qualification courses to be held at Pune. Please await these announcements.

In addition to seminars, a need to create resource/ knowledge bank is felt especially by the new entrants to the profession or members seeking to find a cross-confirmation of their logic/ rationale while carrying out consultancy engagements. This need is usually felt by proprietorship or SMP’s wherein the four-eye policy is difficult to implement. In such a case, it was thought that an informal helpdesk shall be useful. In the coming days, I shall endeavor to create such help giving platforms especially on social media with the help of experts; after taking the necessary and requisite permissions/approvals. I appeal to all the members to kindly let me know their core competence in order that experts can be identified in particular fields.

To initiate the (knowledge) resource creation, an idea of creating small videos is in its nascent stage. This shall be akin to TED Talks. A person can make a small 10 min video whereby he/she can endeavor to explain any particular topic/ issue/ concept. This, after review by editorial team, may be put up on Pune branch website (of course only after the permissions/ approvals in place)! This would be useful when any person searches for any particular topic/ concept and the key words can lead the searcher to Pune branch website. This would also make ICAI – Pune branch website a useful public utility tool for general people too. Will appreciate if we get a feedback on this and other ideas too.

Do not forget to share your ideas, views and thoughts on any and every matter related to the branch. Assuring you that we shall definitely take cognizance of each and every email, message and verbal communication.

Awaiting your email at and/or message at my personal mobile number (#8390610136).

CA. Ruta Chitale